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We are seeking the individuals who are caring, reliable, professional, respectful and honest.

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THA, as the premier provider of healthcare recruitment solutions across Australia, specialising in nurses, midwives, aged care workers, locum doctors, and allied health professionals. With round-the-clock support just a phone call away, we take pride in delivering top-tier staff and supportive management. At THA, we prioritise values, ensuring that every member of our team is valued and receives support needed for personal and professional development.


⚫ You actually care, and are reliable, professional, respectful and honest.
⚫ You have effective spoken and written communication skills.
⚫ You understand the industry needs.
⚫ You hold the relevant qualifications and are experienced.

If it sounds like you, please email your resume & cover letter to ​

Ongoing Trainings & Education

We Create Beautiful and Brighter Smiles

THA values the importance and priority of continuous training and education, we are commited to adapt to the evolving compliance standards and maintain excellence.

Our benefits

In THA, all of our staff will have:

Cultivating a persona that commands respect. This includes being compassionate, fair, caring, trustworthy, empathetic, and compassionate, which are vital traits for staff in the healthcare sector.

Proficient communication abilities. It's essential to communicate effectively with both patients and colleagues, particularly during challenging times in their lives.

Utilizing critical-thinking skills for problem-solving. This capability helps staff enhance patient care and organizational procedures, showcasing their leadership qualities.

A keen eye for detail. This is crucial for executing instructions from team leaders and colleagues accurately, allowing staff to tailor care for each patient.

Excelling in time management and delegation. These skills are particularly valuable in handling patient care duties.

Being a cooperative team member. This involves smoothly collaborating with patients, their families, and various healthcare professionals. Staff's ability to work together helps them adapt to evolving situations.

Our benefits

Incomparable Pay Rates

THA offers pay rates that exceed industry standards, ensuring competitive compensation for our dedicated team members based on their valuable contributions.

Free Uniform & ID Badge

THA provides free uniforms and ID badges, emphasizing professional appearance and easy identification for our committed nursing personnel.

Ongoing Training and Education​

THA offers continuous training and education to adapt to evolving compliance standards and maintain excellence. We support our team's ongoing growth and professional development while also providing guidance on career planning.​

24/7 Guidance Seeking Hotline

THA supports its nursing staff with a 24/7 guidance seeking hotline, ensuring assistance and advice are always just a call away.

Flexible time and location for work

YOU choose the location and time that's suitable for you. THA offers various work location across Australia.

Why working for THA?


Flexibility and Autonomy

A key advantage of working for THA is the flexibility. Healthcare Professionals have the liberty to choose their working hours, with no fixed minimum or maximum hours. This means you can work as per your preference, coordinating with our supportive team available round-the-clock to align your shifts with your availability.


Diverse Work Experiences

If you’re seeking a change from your routine Healthcare Professional role, agency work can be refreshing. Unlike fixed hospital positions, it’s easier to experience different wards and settings through an agency. This not only brings variety to your weekly schedule but also enhances your professional growth and networking opportunities.


Free from Workplace Politics

Permanent staff often face the stress of rotating shifts, understaffing, mentoring responsibilities, and tight schedules. As an agency Healthcare Professional, you’re spared from these internal challenges. You won’t be involved in staff meetings or management tasks, allowing you to concentrate purely on patient care. Plus, there’s no post-shift paperwork or lingering tasks, ensuring a stress-free end to your shift.


Professional Growth

Working as an agency Healthcare Professional provides the chance to serve in various departments across both private and public facilities. This exposure broadens your skill set and comfort in different environments, opening up more job opportunities and enhancing your professional portfolio.

How to Join Us?

Join our compassionate team! Seeking individuals with a generous spirit, sensitivity, and a passion for caregiving.
Fill in the application online

Complete job application on a website; provide personal, educational, and work experience details digitally.

THA management team will contact you ASAP

The management team at THA will get in touch with you at the earliest possible time, ensuring a prompt and efficient response.

On-site discussion with all the details

A physical meeting where participants thoroughly discuss every relevant detail of a topic, ensuring clear communication and mutual understanding.

Set up individual workforce solutions

Develop personalized employment strategies tailored to each organization’s unique needs and goals.

Comprehensive induction training

Thorough training program for new employees covering all aspects of their role and the organization.

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